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Tag: Communications

Janes Family Food: Game time ready!

What we did: Communications, Television productions, Social media, Influencer

Project overview

Summary of the project. Battling a hyper-competitive Quebec frozen food industry led by Olymel, Flamingo and St-Hubert, Janes turned to PR to increase Brand recognition and purchase intent. A CSR campaign combined with a promotion leveraging the Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament was pursued to demonstrate Janes community involvement in Quebec City to bring Janes on the shopping list of families. Our communications objective was to showcase Janes involvement in Québec by celebrating billet families to build trust and loyalty. Billet families are Quebec City families hosting international players during the entire tournament. This generous 2-week commitment is entirely done in a voluntary manner. By putting the spotlight on them, we reinforced the family friendly aspect of the product and gave proof that their tagline «Family Food» was a real commitment.

The campaign brought to life the identity of Janes and not just the brand idea. A multi-facetted approach pulled a PR, Social and TV components together to feature the billet families as well as the tournament players. The subject matter was exploring the importance of sport for the community and the development of kids. And families are at the heart of it. A public relation campaign reached out to media to seed the CSR endeavour. A social media campaign detailed the daily lives of a billet family and 3 video-capsules about the families and their commitment to the tournament and the kids where broadcasted for 4 weeks on Major TV channels. The program was a runaway success. Over 7 million impressions, an increase of 350000 visitors to their social channels in a month contributed to putting Janes«Family Food» on the shopping lists of Families in Quebec City. ‍ ‍ Janes asked as to help — Drive traffic to our Quebec social channels — Entice fanbase to visit your brick-and-mortar locations in Quebec — Celebrate community involvement — Create CSR campaign — CreateTelevision ads

Mysa. Saving the planet, one smart thermostat at a time.

What we did: Communications, Blog, Advertising, French Adaptation

Project overview

Summary of the project. We were proud to launch and support in Québec an amazing Canadian company that created a smart thermostat for baseboard called Mysa. ‍ The unique proposition of the device is that the users are able to quickly program heating schedule or to use the eco mode that automatically adjusts the temperature to reduce energy cost. Hence it is now possible to heat up your house with an eco-responsible mind while saving money without sacrificing your comfort! ‍ Second unique selling point: the great minimalistic design. The Mysa’s white and simple design offers a minimalist and modern look. With its dot-matrix display and capacitive touch-sensitive buttons, Mysa fits all decors. It is an aesthetically pleasing device that gives off a high-tech vibe without being overly distracting. ‍ ‍Our work consisted of: Press outreach and product trial of the entire Mysa portfolio, Introduce Mysa to the Quebec Market, Launch new products, Create Television adverting, Target relevant Search keywords for the French market.