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Tag: Advertising

Mysa. Saving the planet, one smart thermostat at a time.

What we did: Communications, Blog, Advertising, French Adaptation

Project overview

Summary of the project. We were proud to launch and support in Québec an amazing Canadian company that created a smart thermostat for baseboard called Mysa. ‍ The unique proposition of the device is that the users are able to quickly program heating schedule or to use the eco mode that automatically adjusts the temperature to reduce energy cost. Hence it is now possible to heat up your house with an eco-responsible mind while saving money without sacrificing your comfort! ‍ Second unique selling point: the great minimalistic design. The Mysa’s white and simple design offers a minimalist and modern look. With its dot-matrix display and capacitive touch-sensitive buttons, Mysa fits all decors. It is an aesthetically pleasing device that gives off a high-tech vibe without being overly distracting. ‍ ‍Our work consisted of: Press outreach and product trial of the entire Mysa portfolio, Introduce Mysa to the Quebec Market, Launch new products, Create Television adverting, Target relevant Search keywords for the French market.