Visique Optometry clinic joins MAclinique Médicale Lebourgneuf in the Complexe Vision

Type: Store opening event and Media outreach
Client: Visique
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Quebec City, QC -The Visique optometry banner recently relocated its new facilities into Complexe Vision in Lebourgneuf, a health destination that includes the first public super-clinic to have opened its doors in the Quebec City region.

MAclinique Lebourgneuf is a joint team project in which Dr. Chantal Guimont, Director of Medical Affairs of the Complexe Vision and collaborator on the Bien TVA show is a major stakeholder. Dr. Guimont herself approached the Visique banner inviting it to locate to the Complexe Vision. “For us, Visique was a natural choice because of its values, its way of working and the expertise of its optometrists,” explained Dr. Guimont. ”We are convinced that the arrival of Visique to the complex will improve the supply of health care for people in the region.”
The Lebourgneuf Visique clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technology to offer more exceptional eye care for the entire region. “We decided to move to the Complexe Vision to contribute towards improving the supply of health care to the population,” said Dr. Frédéric Marchand, Optometrist, and Visique Vice President. ”Eye care is part of the essential services that all should receive, and at Visique, we believe in a customized experience which allows patients to be comfortable and feel confident during their eye examination.”

Visique applies a unique approach to each patient and offers exclusive frames for each customer to express their personalities. Prescription lenses are developed with the latest technology to adapt to the specifics of every patient’s eyes.

Visique was created last June and now includes more than 40 clinics and 78 optometrists under one unified banner.

Visique changes the face of eye care in Quebec

Visique changes the face of eye care in Quebec by bringing over 75 leading optometrists under one unified banner.

FYidoctors, the country’s largest and fastest growing eye care provider, today launched Visique, changing the face of Quebec’s optical industry by bringing together over 75 leading optometrists under one unified banner.

This launch fully integrates several Quebec brands, including Marchand Giguere, a homegrown Quebec company with almost 100 years in operation. With over 45 locations across Quebec, consumers will benefit from Visique’s advanced diagnostic equipment and fully customized lens technology, as well as a comprehensive selection of top brands, and exclusive frames and products.

“People need and deserve exceptional eye care – and we remain committed to exceeding their expectations under a bold new banner,” said Dr. Frédéric Marchand, the vice president of FYidoctors Quebec. “As an optometrist-owned company, Visique knows the importance of healthy eyes, and by coming together our optometrists are able to deliver fully customized, best in class eye care to every patient that walks through our doors.”

Dr. Alan Ulsifer, the Chairman and CEO of FYidoctors, noted that the company’s focus on Quebec is part of a concerted and continuing growth strategy that has brought a commitment of high quality eye care to every region of the country.

“FYidoctors will see significant growth by investing heavily in Quebec,” said Dr. Ulsifer. “This includes new flagship Visique clinics along with advanced technology to serve all our patient’s needs.”

Dr. Marchand also highlighted the unique ownership model that underpins FYidoctors and Visique, and how it will strengthen the position of our optometrists in Quebec at a time of increasing consolidation in the optical marketplace.

“Many Visique optometrists are also Visique owners, making Quebec optometrists joint owners of a nationwide powerhouse,” said Dr. Marchand. “Visique’s unique business model supports our local business and optometrists, and ultimately enables us to provide better care to our patients.”