Silk’n: Here’s To Your Healthy Glow

Type: Media outreach for event
Client: Silk’n
Support: Invitation to media


Innovative technology that provides the most advanced, least invasive, way to tighten skin

Silk’n is bringing technology to the beauty aisle with its breakthrough anti-aging device, Titan. Titan works from the inside out to activate the body’s natural restoration process. For the first time ever, 3 forms of energy have been harmonized to reveal tighter, younger looking skin on the face and neck.

This at-home handheld device uses the same technology offered by leading dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Titan has been clinically tested, FDA cleared and proven to safely tighten facial skin from the inside out. Skin is lifted, looks remarkably younger, and has a healthy glow. The Titan is a healthy alternative to invasive anti-aging procedures and is recommended for use on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip, chin, jawline, neck and around the eyes.

Use of the Titan requires no recovery time and is suitable for the entire face and neck.

Joannie Rochette chills with the press.

Media event with Olympic star

If there were such things as «PR dream teams» Joannie Rochette (former figure skating champion) and Almond Breeze would certainly be THE champions in Québec. The choice of a spokesperson for a brand should neither be too on-the-nose nor too bizarre. Somewhere in the middle is where consumers are intrigued. They want to reconcile how this is working—that engages them. Joannie Rochette was such a perfect pairing for Almond Breeze on the Quebec market. With over 25 interviews in a day…It felt like the Olympics all over again:)