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We help brands understand what compels French-speaking Québec influencers to engage with their products and services. Our team researches and lays the foundation for insights-based social media campaigns that build brand preference among Consumer and B2B target audiences.

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At MO:PR, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each client’s needs are assessed individually and then team members devise smart, proactive social, digital media and influencer campaigns to exceed expectations.

In a constantly shifting digital world, where people are bombarded with information and news travels in seconds, MO:PR helps clients navigate the ever-changing Québec media, business, and consumer landscapes.


Tackling goals with a sense of purpose

A social media marketing strategy will help your brand tackle its goals with a sense of purpose. Here is a break down of our social media marketing guide into the key steps you need to identify your goals, engage audiences and optimize your results:

  1. Set actionable social marketing goals
  2. Research your audience
  3. Establish your most important metrics
  4. Analyze your competition
  5. Create and curate engaging content
  6. Make timeliness a top priority
  7. Assess your results and optimize

Influencer Campaign equation for success

Generosity + pertinence + personalisation + entertainment. Extend your reach with relational and editorial marketing. This program is designed to harness the power of influence with activities focusing on opening up a dialogue to shape perspectives.

Whether it is Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, we tailor our campaign to the medium to get you the right social endorsement.

MO+PR Communications and marketing agency located in Montreal Quebec. We anchor your message in the local French culture, making it relevant and useful to your audience.


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