Ricardo and Google Home Mini Event in Montreal

  • Type: Influencer Marketing
  • Client: Google Home Mini
  • Support: Event in Montréal 


As part of Google’s Home est Quebecois campaign, Google Home has partnered with celebrity chef, Ricardo, to show how the famed Quebec-based chef uses his Google Home Mini in the kitchen (and beyond). The objective of this influencer and press event is to educate attendees on what Google Home is, how it works and how it can provide an extra set of hands in the kitchen during the hectic holiday season. Specifically, throughout the event we want to emphasize that Google Home speaks and understands Quebecois (culture and language).

Google Home mini features

  • Hands-free calling with your number: You’ve been able to make free calls to numbers in the US and Canada for a few months, now when you make calls, your number shows up so the recipient knows who’s calling.  
  • Reminders: You can set and get your reminders on Google Home. The Google Assistant will remind you about your to-dos on the device and your phone. iPhone users need the Google Assistant app.
  • Send directions to my phone: We’ve worked really closely with our Pixel team to fine tune the art of working across surfaces, including Android and iOS devices with the Assistant app, and this feature showcases our work. You can ask for directions on Mini and send them to your phone, helps a lot while you’re heading out of the door.  
  • Find my phone: We can now help you find your lost phone. Now a quick “Ok Google, find my phone” will ring  your phone. Android phones will ring even when on silent.
  • Broadcast:  Running through the house wrangling the family for dinner is a thing of the past. Mini can broadcast “Ok Google, ring the dinner bell” or “Hey Google, tell everyone it’s time to go” to other Google Home devices throughout the house.
  • Location-based reminders: Set reminders on your speaker and receive them on your phone while you’re out and about. “Hey Google, remind me to print out concert tickets when I get to work”. When this feature launches, you’ll also be able to do any location – Starbucks, Safeway, Target – this is thanks to Google Maps.
  • Routines: With a simple command, Google Assistant can handle several tasks at once. So if you are leaving the house, just say “Hey Google, Goodbye” to turn off your lights, turn down the temperature and turn off the TV.
  • Nest Hello: Nest’s new video doorbell will also work with Google Home Mini. Just say “Ok Google, show me who’s at the front door” to see them right on your TV.

Home Automation: Finally, we now have more than 125+ home automation systems: giving people more than 1,000 of devices to connect to.

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