Communications Driven by Cultural Insight

Think of us as your Montreal Office

We help brands understand what compels French speaking Québec prospects, media and influencers to consider and engage with their products and services. Our team researches and lays the foundation for insights-based PR, digital and social campaigns that build brand preference among Consumer and B2B target audiences.


Media landscaping

Pitch ideation

Media tours planning 

Media training

Thought leadership

Crisis communications strategy

Owned and paid media campaigns developments 


Narrative co-creation and design

Launch planning and timeline

Earned, Owned and Paid media campaigns

Editorial content media seeding

Product reviews

Influencer activations

Media tours 


Quantitative metrics

Qualitative metrics





Creativity and Accountability


At MO:PR, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each client's needs are assessed individually and then team members devise smart, proactive public relations, digital media and influencer campaigns to exceed expectations.

In a constantly shifting digital world, where people are bombarded with information and news travels in seconds, MO:PR helps clients navigate the ever-changing Québec media, business, and consumer landscapes.

Quebec Activations

PR branding

Community + Conversations + Timing. PR campaigns that integrate your brand in local culture.  You will not get a translation from us. Because PR in Québec is not a linguistic issue, it is a cultural issue. Because we have local insight, we are able to help you succeed on the Quebec and Montreal market.

PR Star investment

Star power + Brand + Conscience. Leverage our strong and vibrant Québec star system and become culturally relevant by reaching a targeted audience with the best of influencers: Stars.

PR Guerrilla actions

Community involvement + Current events Socially responsible can rime with profitability. Guerrilla actions in targeted regions surprise the consumer and send a strong branding message through community involvement.