News: Usage of social media in Québec

Social media is still gaining popularity among Quebec adults

Social networks continue to gain popularity in Quebec for all age groups of the population, whereas in 2018, 83% of Quebec adults have used at least one social network for their personal use of the Internet, which represent an an increase of 16 percentage points compared to 2016 according to data from the booklet: «The Use of Social Media in Quebec from the CEFRIO NETendances 2018 survey.»

Young adults are significantly more likely to use social networks, with a proportion of users reaching 98% among 18-24 year olds, 94% among 25-34 year olds, and 96% among 35-44 year olds. That said, the percentages are increasing in all age groups, led by adults aged 55 to 64, for whom the utilization rate has increased by 26 percentage points between 2016 and 2018, rising from 52% to 78%.

Daily usage is also up, while 65% of adults in Quebec have connected to social networks at least once a day, which is an increase of 13 percentage points compared to 2016.

“Nearly half of all adults in Quebec (45%) can be described as frequent users of social networks, since they connect to it several times a day. That said, the older the adults in Quebec, the less likely they are to connect to these networks several times a day, “says Claire Bourget, senior director, marketing research at CEFRIO.

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