New Brunswick as seen by Quebec Stars

Type: Editorial content
Client: New Brunswick
Support: Printed Stories in newspapers



Produce and seed editorial content in top-tier local media to garner visibility and entice potential travelers to consider NB. Content will also include key links to NB owned media.



Each editorial content will include an original story about New Brunswick featured attractions, as recommended by a local star, who is an NB native.


1. People are influenced by content.

2. The editorial campaigns will set the stage for the advertising execution by creating a sense of «buzz» with the notion that a lot of media are talking about NB.

3. Leveraging local stars that are NB natives adds a level of authenticity and raises the level of interest towards our content.

FREQUENCY: once a month for 3 months

TIMING: from March to May

METRICS: 6 to 8 million impressions

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