What is Public Relations in 2020?

What is Public relations
In this article we will answer some of the basic questions about this often misunderstood and constantly evolving communications practice.   What is public relation? What is the role of public relations? Public relations: what type of...

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News: Usage of social media in Québec

Social media is still gaining popularity among Quebec adults Social networks continue to gain popularity in Quebec for all age groups of the population, whereas in 2018, 83% of Quebec adults have used at least one social network for their personal...

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Guide to leveraging Quebec stars for a PR agency

Launching a product in the Quebec market can feel daunting especially for a PR agency outside the province. The language barrier and the cultural uniqueness are only the top reasons why companies look for ways to crack the French code. There are many...

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Google Keywords Tool: how and why to use it

Google Keywords Tool Can Improve Your Ads You can improve your ads ranking on the search results page if you find relevant keywords to use in your ad by putting the Google keywords tool to good use. When you search for keywords it is best to find keywords...

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Best video to learn Quebec Matters of Fact

This video was made in 1991 so the data in it is a bit dated, however, the premise is still valid. That is, to understand the subtleties of the Québec market you have to have lived here. We have been saying this all along, Quebec public relations,...

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5 Steps PR strategy to drive results

Public relations are your secret weapon for increasing your website’s search engine optimization. Yet, leveraging a PR strategy is the most undervalued tactics by marketing professionals. There are 2 main reasons why: 1. Many people struggle...

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