Fake news and crisis management

Fake news phenomena force us to correct the facts…. And fast. Disinformation is made easy by the web and our laziness. I was quoted recently in an interview with Canoe.qc.ca about how one can deceive people on the web with video productions....

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What Makes Things Cool? – Raymond Loewy

Although trends might seem completely random, there are well-documented patterns to what becomes popular. A 20th-century industrial designer, who created some of America’s most iconic looks, developed a theory of coolness that has been backed up by...

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Byron Sharp – The Science of Marketing

A classic well worth listening again. Interesting in marketing? Byron Sharp draws on years of research at the University of South Australia and his marketing knowledge to answer questions and dispel common misconceptions about brand growth, competition,...

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Branding in the digital age Social

PR can help learn about your customer Social media makes it more important than ever to get the branding fundamentals right. Here’s a great testament of how successful Virgin Atlantic’s Facebook page is true to its brand values. The most read...

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Creating Shared Value VS CSR Programs

Using Public Relations to reconnect with your community Lately, business has been criticized as a major cause of social, environmental, and economic problems. In short, companies are thought to be making money at the expense of their communities....

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Are you aware that even in the animal kingdom, animals have a ‘voice’, or the ‘public image maker?’ That’s the lion. Same goes with the human world, and more specifically the business world of companies and organizations. How do companies...

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