Joannie Rochette chills with the press.

Media event with Olympic star

If there were such things as «PR dream teams» Joannie Rochette (former figure skating champion) and Almond Breeze would certainly be THE champions in Québec. The choice of a spokesperson for a brand should neither be too on-the-nose nor too bizarre. Somewhere in the middle is where consumers are intrigued. They want to reconcile how this is working—that engages them. Joannie Rochette was such a perfect pairing for Almond Breeze on the Quebec market. With over 25 interviews in a day…It felt like the Olympics all over again:)


Australia meets the Québec press

Culinary Media event

Amazing soirée at le Sofitel to present Australia to our Québec reporters. Australian cuisine and wines were de rigueur:) We could almost feel the warm Australian breeze in the room.

There is now no doubt in our minds and the minds of all travel reporters from Québec: Australia is the new culinary destination.



First See-Through Loo in Montreal

Audacious Public Relations stunt at Just for Laugh

Just when you think you have seen it all in PR…


Our goal was to get people to experience the Cottonelle routine that affects how they feel outside the toilet…at the Just for laugh festival.

But it is easy to get lost at the Just for laugh festival amidst all the attractions. So we need to come up with an idea with a punch.

Loo and behold! The inspiration struck.

How about a see-through loo?

In collaboration with the great people at the Just for laugh festival we installed a luxury public toilet to demonstrate and deliver with impact the message about the Cottonelle care routine.

The portable toilet looked like a mirrored box to those passing by, but the walls were completely transparent for the person inside, leading to an … interesting Cottonelle bathroom experience.