5 Reasons to Hire a Pro to Manage your Facebook Page

Let’s be honest, the popularity of Facebook can’t be denied. Year after year its number of active users continues to grow, and in the last two years alone there’s been a huge spike in these numbers. Currently, there are more than 1.86 billion monthly active users. Imagine the resources this offers a brand or business! Not only is it important to consider the possibilities Facebook can offer your company, it’s also crucial to understand how to approach the platform as well as the best ways to implement social media into your marketing plan. This is why hiring a pro to manage your Facebook Page is necessary if you’re trying to create an excellent first impression.

Curious about working with an expert? Here are the top 5 reasons why you should!

1- A pro will help manage your goals

When it comes to social media marketing, one of the most complicated aspects is often about knowing how to approach it: where do you begin? This is why working with a pro is essential! They’ll offer a structured and goal-driven strategy for you to approach Facebook marketing.

An expert can help to create an entirely new strategy or improve on an old one that’s better related to your specific marketplace. Goals set by your business need to be realistic. On Facebook, many businesses without social media marketing experience may privilege metrics such as Likes and Follows. However, these are simply in vain. Any pro will know that a well-rounded social media marketing plan will involve setting goals and properly tracking areas that need improvement. Creating a social media strategy in 2018 will include addressing some of the following areas: increasing your quality of sales, having a better idea of the industry you’re working within, smarter growth and finding ways to add more value to your business. An expert will be able to understand what this entails and apply to your brand!

2- Understanding Facebook demographics

For the novice, understanding Facebook demographics can be tricky. Since there are so many users on the platform, it can be hard to determine where to focus your efforts. Luckily, working with a pro will offer a strategic approach to both understanding and making the most of these numbers. Core Facebook demographics are broken down into categories that include age, gender, location and income. An expert will help you to analyze the information and offer insight into ways to gain better reach and visibility within your target audience. Facebook offers better reaching power than many other social media platforms and a pro will know how best to harness these possibilities as well as the correct ways to explore your core business demographics.

3- Post scheduling

Facebook offers endless opportunities when it comes to the type of content you can post, and this includes status updates, images, videos as well as live, real-time interaction. With all the various options, building a content strategy that’s best for your brand can take on many forms. A pro will understand that both the quality of your content as well as when it’s shared is paramount to how it’s received, regardless of its form. Oversharing as well as over-promoting can have some major drawbacks. A pro will help you craft compelling, engaging and thought-provoking content while also understanding when your specific market will be most receptive. Facebook post scheduling is an extremely useful tool, allowing you to post at the most opportune times and craft a niche unique to your business. When it comes to post scheduling, an expert will know how to properly create an organic following as well as strategies to grow and move forward.

4- Advertisements

Although having a strategy in place to reach followers organically is important, every pro will know that carefully placed advertisements are a necessary part of a well-rounded Facebook marketing strategy. Advertisements are especially important because organic reach on Facebook has significantly dropped since 2016. An expert will use advertising to grow both audience and brand loyalty. Advertising on Facebook is cost-effective, and pros will know how to get the most bang-for-your-buck! They’ll be able to help you keep ad content fresh and exciting but just niche enough to be useful to your target audience. This will include analyzing click-through rate data and impressions, and finding ways to improve upon them.

5- Engagement

Last but not least, an expert will know how to approach conversation and engagement from both a strategic as well as a humanistic standpoint. Remember, Facebook is a social network and thus, the platform is built on networking, conversing and sharing. A pro can help you to understand the best ways to openly engage with your audience. This will include strategies to create and build a community around your brand, as well as interacting with and responding to comments, questions and so forth.

Working with a pro can take the edge off approaching Facebook business marketing, so why not go for it?

Author: Amanda Harvey

Bio:Amanda Harvey is a content writer at B2BQuotes.com, a company that connects companies and web marketing service providers.


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