Adapting national campaigns for Québec


Cultural Insight

Communications and Marketing Driven by Cultural Insight

The starting point to any successful Montreal communications or marketing campaign is anchoring your message in the local culture, making it relevant and useful to your audience. MO:PR agency is comprised of a team of seasoned Communications and Marketing professionals that can help maximize talkability about your brand by re-focusing your message to unlock Québec public interest.

We can amplify your message on any medium: print, broadcast, digital and social media. We specialize in communications for consumer goods and business.

MO + Services

Creativity + Data + Accountability


Engagement + Converstions + Timing

The strength of your brand will help you save on your marketing budget

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Quebec star spokesperson

Star Power + Brand + Cultural relevance

Give yourself a French voice to earn trust

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Social Media Oxygen

Generosity + Pertinence + Personalization + Entertainment.

This formula will help get people talking about you

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Community involvement + Current events + Helpfulness

Show you understand the Québec community to raise brand adoption

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Visual communications

Videos + Photos + Influencers

Aesthetics that local community can relate to and appreciate 

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  • Fashion beauty

  • Travel

  • Health-food

Practice areas

Representing Brands in the Québec market.

Fashion & Beauty

Consumer Products & Brands

Crisis Management


Health & Wellness


Travel & Hospitality

Technology Communications


MO:PR clients, PR agency, PR activation, Public relations in Quebec

MO+PR Communications and marketing agency located in Montreal Quebec. We anchor your message in the local French culture, making it relevant and useful to your audience.


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