Public Relations Driven by Cultural Insight

The starting point to any successful Québec Public Relations campaign is anchoring your story in the local culture, making it relevant and useful to your audience. Our team of seasoned Public Relations professionals can help maximize buzz and talkability about your brand by re-focusing your message to unlock Québec public interest.

We can amplify your message on any medium: print, broadcast, digital and social media.We specialize in consumer goods PR, and business PR.

Social Campaign Services

Social Media Management

We create online personas and tone of voice that help turn fans and followers into real advocates. Community Management/ Social Strategy/ Content Creation/ Viral Campaigns

Multi-Channel Advertising

Reach your customers as they journey across multiple screens and social platforms. Snapchat Geo-Filters/ Facebook Ads/ Instagram Ads/ Twitter Ads/ Google / Bing Adwords

Influencer Marketing

Our network of influencers can help take your brand to the next level with custom campaigns. All-Inclusive Influencer Strategies/ Influencer Placement/ Content Creation/ Referral Programs

PR branding

 Community + Conversations + Timing

PR campaigns that integrate your brand in local culture

But we tailor our stories for the french local market. You will not get a translation from us. Because PR in Québec is not a linguistic issue, it is a cultural issue.

PR Star investment

Star power + Brand + Conscience

Leverage our strong and vibrant Québec star system and become culturally relevant by reaching a targeted audience with the best of influencers: Stars.

PR Online oxygen

Generosity + pertinence + personalisation + entertainment

Extend your reach with social media (Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat)

This program is designed to harness the power of the web and its communities with engaging experiences.

Landing sites or social media, all our activities are focused on opening up a dialogue to shape perspectives.

PR Guerrilla actions

Community involvement + Current events

Socially responsible can rime with profitability

Guerrilla actions are orchestrated stunts in targeted regions to surprise the consumer and send a strong branding message through community involvement.

PR Viral productions and seeding

Video + Trends + Local talent

Harness the power of the influencers and the Québec digital ecosystem

Viral actions are video or photo productions with the «no holds bar» attitude seeded with influencers and press members alike. If you're looking to raise your cool factor to new meows...

Fashion & Luxury Marketing/Placements
Consumer Products & Brands
Crisis Communications
Digital & Social Media
Health & Wellness
Online Reputation/Management PR
Travel & Hospitality
Technology Communications

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