Energizer® Introduces World’s First High-Performance Battery Made with Recycled Batteries

PR campaign to launch Energizer’s EcoAdvance

We are proud to have helped get people in Québec charged-up with this news!

Energizer is once again leading the battery industry with its latest innovation, Energizer® EcoAdvancedTM, the world’s first AA battery made with four percent recycled batteries. Energizer EcoAdvanced is Energizer’s highest performing alkaline battery and powers consumers’ most critical devices while creating less impact on the planet.

“Industry experts long believed it was impossible to create a battery made with recycled batteries while maintaining performance,” said Michelle Atkinson, chief marketing officer. “Our scientists welcomed the challenge and spent the past seven years creating just that – Energizer EcoAdvanced – our highest performing alkaline battery and the world’s first AA battery made with four percent recycled battery material.”

Together in traditions with Lactantia

PR and Digital content campaign rekindle Quebec traditions

Just finished working for a great Lactantia promotion where one would receive a gorgeous old fashion milk bottle after sending proof of purchase of Lactantia milk. To create buzz around this promotion we Asked bloggers to unveil one family tradition where milk had an active part in it. Traditions weave the fabric of our identity and sharing our traditions reinforces our values of authenticity and bonding.

10 bloggers generously shared their traditions thus contributing in highlighting the richness of our collective history.

Feed me! Mars PR campaign for mixed feeding

Mixed feeding is a diet that includes a combination of complete and balanced wet and dry food. By practicing a mixed feeding regimen on a daily basis, you can feel proud knowing that you’re providing your best friend with the benefits of wet and dry food that can contribute to its overall well-being.

To get the word out Mars invited Dr. Sébastien Kfoury to meet the press and explain the value of mixed feeding.

Benefits At-a-Glance

Wet food benefits:

High moisture content in a palatable format that helps support a healthy urinary tract

The wet food your dog loves has even fewer calories than dry food (on a gram for gram basis)

High-quality proteins to promote easy digestion

100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs

Dry food benefits:

A crunchy kibble texture that helps to clean teeth, which helps promote good oral health

A concentrated energy source

High-quality proteins to promote easy digestion

100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs

Special Edition Whippet Cultural

Public relations salutes Quebec

Quebec is well known for its «different» culture. But one is always a surprise to find an iconic representation of its cultural identity in… a cookie!

But not ANY cookie. The venerable Whippet.

Dare the producer of Whippet wanted to salute this fact by creating a special edition box designed by a local artist.

Zema was the chosen artists by Facebook fans. She was the perfect fit for this first special edition box conveying with flair the tender heart, the gorgeous exterior and the delicious flavour of the Whippet and… the Quebec cultural identity.


Joannie Rochette chills with the press.

Media event with Olympic star

If there were such things as «PR dream teams» Joannie Rochette (former figure skating champion) and Almond Breeze would certainly be THE champions in Québec. The choice of a spokesperson for a brand should neither be too on-the-nose nor too bizarre. Somewhere in the middle is where consumers are intrigued. They want to reconcile how this is working—that engages them. Joannie Rochette was such a perfect pairing for Almond Breeze on the Quebec market. With over 25 interviews in a day…It felt like the Olympics all over again:)


Australia meets the Québec press

Culinary Media event

Amazing soirée at le Sofitel to present Australia to our Québec reporters. Australian cuisine and wines were de rigueur:) We could almost feel the warm Australian breeze in the room.

There is now no doubt in our minds and the minds of all travel reporters from Québec: Australia is the new culinary destination.