10 Qualities of a Good Inbound Marketer

What differentiates a good inbound marketer from a bad one? It all boils down to a set of important traits illustrated brilliantly by the infographics below.


We particularly love the fact that Analytical came first!
To find success in inbound marketing, you need to know learn how to understand data and use it to your advantage. Data is useless if you can’t develop useful strategies from it.


The perfect blog post

We get it! Even though we are all crunched for time. But producing a mediocre blog post for the sake of hitting a deadline isn’t worth it. Take into consideration your audience that has access to countless other articles, it’s unlikely that it’d settle for a half-baked attempt.

But we agree, there’s a lot to remember when crafting a solid blog post — which means there’s also a lot to forget.

So here is a nice easy reminder on all the components needed to write an effective blog post by InboundPro.