Influencers New Brunswick bus!

Type: Experiential
Client: New Brunswick
Support: Event in Quebec city

A New Brunswick branded bus hosted a lively party for some lucky commuters and a group of influencers sourced by MO:PR. The interior was transformed into a New Brunswick fun galore, and everything, from the entertainment to the food was NB inspired. Rather than pick one or two influencers, our approach is to develop a high volume of material that goes in

Rather than pick one or two influencers, our approach was to develop a high volume of material that goes in market all at one time, thereby creating an explosion of impact and awareness.

Spaces. New coworking offices open in Montreal Mile-end.

Type: Launch of new product
Client: Spaces
Support: Press event and outreach

Spaces manifesto

Spaces is a creative working environment with a unique entrepreneurial spirit. Spaces offer dynamic working areas to help you think, create and collaborate and where the staff gives you a warm welcome.

Spaces believe work is less about things and more about people & ideas. Thanks to technology, the modern economy is one thriven by the empowered individual. Spaces take this into consideration as it develops and facilitates an inspiring professional environment with a love for design and where the staff sees all of the background logistics and services – to help the Spaces community focus on driving business forward.

Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur or a corporate intrapreneur, Spaces facilitate your success. Spaces are filled with forward thinkers, innovators and game changers who are confident to achieve their goals.

1. Media relations

For the opening of Spaces in the Mile-end, we conducted an outreach to media and encourage them to visit the premises. In parallel, we reached out to influencers to maximize visibility of the opening and source some participating influencers to use Spaces to give us extended visibility in time.

2. Venue opening event

Concept: Entrepreneurial bash: Made in MTL.

Influencers, media and the local business community were invited to discover the next wave of talented entrepreneurs to a party that celebrates the MTL entrepreneurial spirit. Pods showcased local talents and their businesses in different economic sectors. A local business star hosted the early evening event.

And not to be forgotten…Drinks and canapés were served by Mile-end local restaurateurs.

New Brunswick as seen by Quebec Stars

Type: Editorial content
Client: New Brunswick
Support: Printed Stories in newspapers



Produce and seed editorial content in top-tier local media to garner visibility and entice potential travelers to consider NB. Content will also include key links to NB owned media.



Each editorial content will include an original story about New Brunswick featured attractions, as recommended by a local star, who is an NB native.


1. People are influenced by content.

2. The editorial campaigns will set the stage for the advertising execution by creating a sense of «buzz» with the notion that a lot of media are talking about NB.

3. Leveraging local stars that are NB natives adds a level of authenticity and raises the level of interest towards our content.

FREQUENCY: once a month for 3 months

TIMING: from March to May

METRICS: 6 to 8 million impressions

Silk’n: Here’s To Your Healthy Glow

Type: Media outreach for event
Client: Silk’n
Support: Invitation to media


Innovative technology that provides the most advanced, least invasive, way to tighten skin

Silk’n is bringing technology to the beauty aisle with its breakthrough anti-aging device, Titan. Titan works from the inside out to activate the body’s natural restoration process. For the first time ever, 3 forms of energy have been harmonized to reveal tighter, younger looking skin on the face and neck.

This at-home handheld device uses the same technology offered by leading dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Titan has been clinically tested, FDA cleared and proven to safely tighten facial skin from the inside out. Skin is lifted, looks remarkably younger, and has a healthy glow. The Titan is a healthy alternative to invasive anti-aging procedures and is recommended for use on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip, chin, jawline, neck and around the eyes.

Use of the Titan requires no recovery time and is suitable for the entire face and neck.

Visique Optometry clinic joins MAclinique Médicale Lebourgneuf in the Complexe Vision

Type: Store opening event and Media outreach
Client: Visique
Support: Press Release + event organization

Quebec City, QC -The Visique optometry banner recently relocated its new facilities into Complexe Vision in Lebourgneuf, a health destination that includes the first public super-clinic to have opened its doors in the Quebec City region.

MAclinique Lebourgneuf is a joint team project in which Dr. Chantal Guimont, Director of Medical Affairs of the Complexe Vision and collaborator on the Bien TVA show is a major stakeholder. Dr. Guimont herself approached the Visique banner inviting it to locate to the Complexe Vision. “For us, Visique was a natural choice because of its values, its way of working and the expertise of its optometrists,” explained Dr. Guimont. ”We are convinced that the arrival of Visique to the complex will improve the supply of health care for people in the region.”
The Lebourgneuf Visique clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technology to offer more exceptional eye care for the entire region. “We decided to move to the Complexe Vision to contribute towards improving the supply of health care to the population,” said Dr. Frédéric Marchand, Optometrist, and Visique Vice President. ”Eye care is part of the essential services that all should receive, and at Visique, we believe in a customized experience which allows patients to be comfortable and feel confident during their eye examination.”

Visique applies a unique approach to each patient and offers exclusive frames for each customer to express their personalities. Prescription lenses are developed with the latest technology to adapt to the specifics of every patient’s eyes.

Visique was created last June and now includes more than 40 clinics and 78 optometrists under one unified banner.


Type: PR outreach
Client: Premium Outlets Montréal (Matt & Nat)
Support: Press Release


Mirabel, Québec (October 17, 2017) – Premium Outlets Montréal is announcing today the opening of the first Matt & Nat warehouse boutique, a Québec brand, to set up shop in Québec. The store officially opened its doors on October 12. Created in Montréal, Matt & Nat, specializes in selling vegan-made accessories such as handbags, backpacks, wallets, shoes, glasses cases, key chains and more. No animal origin materials are used in manufacturing the brand’s products, and the company strives to adopt sustainable and environment-friendly practices.

At Premium Outlets Montréal, The Matt & Nat shop joins other prestigious brand names popular with Quebecers and among several unique shops in Montréal and Quebec City. These include top brand names such as: Guess, Rudsak, Moose Knuckles, Hugo Boss, Banana Republic Factory Store, and Vans. This fashion destination of choice offers popular brands and designer products from among the most sought-after in the world.

Kimika: the ultimate spa experience at home

We have had the great pleasure to help launch a unique Quebec brand: Kimika wax.

With over 25 years of expertise producing professional spa waxing depilatory products, entrepreneur extraordinaire Belinda Thornhill created KIMIKA, for personal home use. Made in Quebec, Canada, KIMIKA was developed for both men and women; to give access to advanced formula spa quality products, containing only the best ingredients. KIMIKA promises to deliver an elevated personal home care experience, ensuring optimal results with every use. The product line includes:

The product line includes: KIMIKA’s pre-wax & post-wax lotions, scrubs and butters.

Visique changes the face of eye care in Quebec

Visique changes the face of eye care in Quebec by bringing over 75 leading optometrists under one unified banner.

FYidoctors, the country’s largest and fastest growing eye care provider, today launched Visique, changing the face of Quebec’s optical industry by bringing together over 75 leading optometrists under one unified banner.

This launch fully integrates several Quebec brands, including Marchand Giguere, a homegrown Quebec company with almost 100 years in operation. With over 45 locations across Quebec, consumers will benefit from Visique’s advanced diagnostic equipment and fully customized lens technology, as well as a comprehensive selection of top brands, and exclusive frames and products.

“People need and deserve exceptional eye care – and we remain committed to exceeding their expectations under a bold new banner,” said Dr. Frédéric Marchand, the vice president of FYidoctors Quebec. “As an optometrist-owned company, Visique knows the importance of healthy eyes, and by coming together our optometrists are able to deliver fully customized, best in class eye care to every patient that walks through our doors.”

Dr. Alan Ulsifer, the Chairman and CEO of FYidoctors, noted that the company’s focus on Quebec is part of a concerted and continuing growth strategy that has brought a commitment of high quality eye care to every region of the country.

“FYidoctors will see significant growth by investing heavily in Quebec,” said Dr. Ulsifer. “This includes new flagship Visique clinics along with advanced technology to serve all our patient’s needs.”

Dr. Marchand also highlighted the unique ownership model that underpins FYidoctors and Visique, and how it will strengthen the position of our optometrists in Quebec at a time of increasing consolidation in the optical marketplace.

“Many Visique optometrists are also Visique owners, making Quebec optometrists joint owners of a nationwide powerhouse,” said Dr. Marchand. “Visique’s unique business model supports our local business and optometrists, and ultimately enables us to provide better care to our patients.”

Casper Nap Tour hits the road, True North style

Global sleep innovator celebrated Canada’s 150th Anniversary with Canadian-inspired nap tour for roadtrippers and the sleep-deprived!

On its second year, the Casper Nap tour brought to life a truly Canadian theme in celebration of the country’s 150th Anniversary of the Confederation. From a Muskoka Chair rest area to a Tuck-in shoppe turned pre-nap pit stop, Casper crafted an inherently Canadiana experience just in time for summer. The Casper Nap Tour travelled across the country, setting up roadside in four select cities: Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

For the Montreal Stop, bloggers and influencers were invited to experience Casper and got the lowdown on Canadian pillow talks:

Canadians do a lot more in bed than just sleep 

  • Reading is reported as the top non-sleep bedtime activity for those aged 24 to 54, while watching TV in bed is the more common for those aged 18 to 24.
  • Compared to men, women are twice as likely to eat in bed.
  • Chips rank as the top pick for foods Canadians eat in bed, followed closely by cookies, candy and chocolate.                         

“The road trip is an essential part of every Canadian’s journey – whether heading up north for the weekend or heading out west on a summer getaway,” said Nicole Tapscott, General Manager of Casper Canada. “We’re thrilled to bring the Casper Nap Tour back just in time for Canada 150 – allowing Canadians to celebrate our sesquicentennial with a much-deserved midday snooze.”

Orangetheory fitness class, MO:PR,

L’effet orange se répandra sur Montréal

Studio Orangetheory Fitness will open 4 studios in the Montreal region in 2017

Orangetheory® Fitness, the fast-growing fitness franchise that is sweeping the globe, will open three new studios across the Montréal area in 2017, taking its regional total to four. The chain, recently called one of the “Best Workouts” by Elle Canada, is making the Québec market a big priority and expects to see major growth into 2018 and beyond.

The exponential growth in Montréal reflects the brand’s rapid expansion across Canada with the first studio having opened in Edmonton in 2012. Today, there are almost 50 locations across Canada, with open rates up a whopping 300 percent from 2015 and by the end of the year, there will be more than 80 open studios. In 2017, Montréal will have studios in the Pointe Claire, Town of Mount Royal,

Boucherville and Rosemère neighborhoods.

‘The rapid growth of Orangetheory Fitness in Canada continues to beat our expectations. Last year, we exceeded our studio opening goal by over 20 per cent. This year, we anticipate opening 162 per cent more studios over last year’s openings,’ says Hifa Maleki, VP Franchise Development, and Operations, Orangetheory Fitness Canada. ‘A big part of our success is rooted in the passion our franchisees have for Orangetheory. More than 90 percent of our owners are also studio members.' This was the case for Sophia Stiperski and her husband, Jean Sebastian Carré, co-owners of the upcoming Boucherville studio. Stiperski, an 18-year veteran of Cirque du Soleil, and Carré, who performed with Céline Dion for the past 12 years, both found Orangetheory Fitness while they were working in Las Vegas.

“From our first workout at Orangetheory Fitness in Las Vegas, my husband and I knew we wanted to be involved somehow,” says Stiperski. “As performers, fitness has always been a huge part of our lives, but with Orangetheory it felt different like we found a new family. When the time came to decide what was next for us, the answer was clear – we wanted to bring this amazing experience home to our family in Quebec.”

The passion for exercise and first-hand experience with Orangetheory Fitness as a studio member is a common thread with all the Montréal franchisees. Their collective experience ranges from Healthcare to Technology to, not surprisingly, Fitness. All were drawn to the chain’s unique combination of fitness and technology.

Designed to appeal across the spectrum from fitness newbie to workout junkie, the Orangetheory Fitness workout is a dynamic trainer-led group class. The goal is to achieve 12 to 20 minutes of training at 84 percent or more in the participant’s maximum heart rate range. Tracked by heart rate monitors worn during the workout, this level of intensity is called the orange zone. Training in this zone produces an “afterburn” effect, increasing metabolism for up to 24 to 36 hours post-workout.